Effective System for fastening of nearly all kinds of concrete parts, e.g. facade systems (Curtain Wall) cable tray mounting, pipe mounting.

Usable for

-        Precasting: Anchor Channel is positioned in precast factory

-        On-Site Concreting: Anchor Channel is positioned ‘on site’ during shuttering


Consists of:

-        Anchor Channel in various lengths

-        T-bolts (Hammerhead Screw) in various lengths

-        Holding Devices for various applications



The cast in Anchor Channel enables a safe fixation point for nearly every application; the Anchor Channel is positioned during casting of the concrete part; Special designed screws enable a quick and safe assembling of various kinds of mounting devices;

Tested System for various Fixing Application

-        Usage Manual and operation guidelines available



-        No drilling needed

-        Time efficient

-        Cost efficient

-        Ensures High Quality to concrete surfaces

-        Enables high load levels


Product types / Variations:

-        Anchor Channel:

o       Cold-rolled

o       Hot-rolled

-        Available for steady loads and alternating loads

-        Anchor Channel length: 100 – 6070 mm

-        Tailor made channels: special length, width, …



-        All components are available in

o       Zinc plated

o       Hot dip galvanized

o       Stainless steel


Related parts / accessories:

-        Holding magnets for positioning Anchor Channels at steel formworks

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