Changes in the construction industry-----Hardworking robot

With technological innovation in the spark of a prairie fire in various fields, the construction industry is also undergoing rapid changes. The application of new materials and new technologies has enabled the construction industry to become more automated, intelligent and green from design to construction to later management and maintenance.
In the construction site, the traditional grader, loader, backhoe excavators and other mechanical equipment has long been the realization of automatic control.
In 2017, due to the rapid explosion of artificial intelligence and robotics, the automation technology of construction machinery and equipment has been further strengthened. Some new robots have been applied to the construction site.
SAM, a brick-making robot developed by the US construction robotics company Construction Robotics, began to work with builders to reduce the high-intensity work pressure of workers. With conveyor belts, robotic arms and concrete pumps, SAM can build 3,000 bricks a day, six times the number of builders.

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