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Singapore PPVC Technology Introduction
PPVC technology, the full name "Prefabricated PrefinishedVolumetric Construction", is the building technology that will be the entire room, in the prefabricated factory for processing, complete the structure and decoration (including the ground, wall, ceiling, etc.) part and form an independent module, on-site lifting of the building technology. This is a new technology for the epoch-making reform of the construction industry. The construction is more refined, like building a car to make a house.

Overseas News
The assembled construction company, which received a $ 865 million investment from SoftBank, was called Katerra.After the investment accounts, Katerra's valuation has more than 3 billion US dollars. At present, the amount of projects reserved in Katerra has exceeded 1.3 billion U.S. dollars and co-founder and chairman Michael Marks was also the CEO of Tesla. Investors currently investing in Katerra include: Softbank, Foxconn, Wheelock Growth Fund, Greenoaks Capital, Paxion Capital Partners, Lucas Venture Group, Khosla Ventures and Moore Capital.

BGW Trade Mark History

In 1986, George Weidner, BGW managing director, founded the company as a one man working company. Having low means, the production spot was first installed in a garage. Through permanent development and new ideas, the company´s face has changed fundamentally.
Now BGW is a middle class company, now giving permanent employees work. Correspondingly, the company´s ground has changed by removal for several times and became larger. Today, the company´s ground is an area of more than 30.000m² with 8.000m² production- and warehouse sheds and 250m² office area.

Changes in the construction industry


With technological innovation in the spark of a prairie fire in various fields, the construction industry is also undergoing rapid changes. The application of new materials and new technologies has enabled the construction industry to become more automated, intelligent and green from design to construction to later management and maintenance.




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