Weide Relocation News!

As the original location in the park of Dayun Town Jiashan is currently under upgrading and rebuilding, Jiashan Weide Construction Equipment Co., Ltd., has moved out of the park of Dayun Town to cooperate with local government. We moved our production to Haining,Zhejiang,also established a new entity namely BGW (Zhejiang) Construction Equipment Co., Ltd. for operating business in Haining, Zhejiang, and we have been developing fast in the new location in Haining, Zhejiang, with expanding plant and increasing capability of production!

由于原嘉善的大云鎮園區現進行升級改造,嘉善衛德建筑五金配件有限公司,為配合當地政府,已經從大云鎮園區遷出。我們把生產中心搬到了浙江海寧,并以BGW-Bohr GmbH名義在浙江海寧成立了新的運營實體公司,即:博格威(浙江)建筑五金配件有限公司。我們在浙江海寧的新工廠,發展迅速,工廠面積擴大,生產能力亦不斷提高!


Our updated contact information is as follows:


Address: 1st Floor, No .6 Yongsheng Road, Jianshan New District, Huangwan Town, Haining, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province


Telephone: 0573-84832882


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