Singapore PPVC Technology Introduction
PPVC technology, the full name "Prefabricated PrefinishedVolumetric Construction", is the building technology that will be the entire room, in the prefabricated factory for processing, complete the structure and decoration (including the ground, wall, ceiling, etc.) part and form an independent module, on-site lifting of the building technology. This is a new technology for the epoch-making reform of the construction industry. The construction is more refined, like building a car to make a house.
First of all, the building productivity is greatly improved. The technology can increase the building efficiency by up to 50%, greatly reducing the labor cost and reducing the number of workers.Secondly, the environmental pollution will be greatly reduced, and the noise and dust pollution in the construction process will also be greatly reduced. Construction is safer and quality is guaranteed!

So far, about 15 to 20% of construction companies in Singapore have adopted DfMA(design for manufactureand assembly) technology. By 2020, its goal is to raise the number of projects using DfMA technology to 40%. At present, about half of the government land parcels for land sales require the use of PPVC. In the next two years, 35% of homes will use new PPVC technology!                                                                                                                                       (

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