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The assembled construction company, which received a $ 865 million investment from SoftBank, was called Katerra.After the investment accounts, Katerra's valuation has more than 3 billion US dollars. At present, the amount of projects reserved in Katerra has exceeded 1.3 billion U.S. dollars and co-founder and chairman Michael Marks was also the CEO of Tesla. Investors currently investing in Katerra include: Softbank, Foxconn, Wheelock Growth Fund, Greenoaks Capital, Paxion Capital Partners, Lucas Venture Group, Khosla Ventures and Moore Capital.
Why does this company take so much money?
The reasons:1) The house is covered especially fast, developer funds withdrawn faster;
                   2) Good quality, control of all aspects of the construction process.
How fast? To single-family villa, for example, the traditional way need to cover a small year, with Katerra way, a total of 30 days (including the time to play the foundation).Katerra is an assembly-type building industry chain integration, much like Tesla's model, a lot of key construction parts and components are their own design and development + processing production, and all swept: Concept Design - Design - R & D - Construction drawings - Construction Bidding - Construction Management - Construction - the latter part of maintenance, to provide one-stop service.

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