BGW Trade Mark History
In 1986, George Weidner, BGW managing director, founded the company as a one man working company. Having low means, the production spot was first installed in a garage. Through permanent development and new ideas, the company´s face has changed fundamentally.
Now BGW is a middle class company, now giving permanent employees work. Correspondingly, the company´s ground has changed by removal for several times and became larger. Today, the company´s ground is an area of more than 30.000m² with 8.000m² production- and warehouse sheds and 250m² office area.
The products have changed according to the market situation, too. Producing at the beginning, mainly as a supplier for the mechanical engineering industry, today BGW offers an own complete product range, mainly for the precast concrete industry. BGW is proud having had the certification ISO 9002 of the TÜV (MoT) since 1996.
In 2009,Mr. George invested three million dollars and built up the factory produce the precast concrete parts in China, the company name is Jiashan Weide Construction Equipment Co.Ltd, China factory mainly deal with the Asia and Middle East market. BGW has been registered trademark in China; it has the deeply meaning with strict quality inspection, giving customers strong support and also the ISO 9001 Certification. This includes the crystallization of the wisdom of a generation.
BGW only authorizes Weide to use their trademark, non-authorized or counterfeit the trademark, we will take legal measures.

BGW Factory in Germany

Weide Factory in China

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