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This year,weide attended some exhibitions in China and abroad,such as Bauma in Germany,BIC in Shanghai,constrution tradeshows in Nanjing,Beijing those PC parts rapid development cities.We have been continuously explore and progress in the PC area.Company updated some plant machinery and equipment to improve and enhance workers' productivity.The quality department has strengthened its self-check training for workers.More and more clients come to visit our China factory from afar,we hope our administrative model and product's quality level have impressed you,we believe your visit would be a hopeful start.
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Assembled buildings' development in China

In recent years, the assembly-type construction industry is getting more and more attention, CCTV news is frequently voiced, and proposed to vigorously develop the assembly-type building, we can see the assembly-type building has become a new trend of development of the industry.
With the deepening of China's urbanization, people's expectation of housing is no longer the shelter of the past, and gradually began to seek for a house with the advantages of beauty, comfort, safety, environmental protection and the like, This series of changes in demand, the traditional architecture is bound to be challenged and questioned, this change to the assembly-type building has brought new space for development.
Assembled building refers to the construction of some or all of the components in the factory prefabricated and then transported to the construction site, the components connected by a reliable way to build the assembly of buildings. Compared with the traditional architecture, this kind of building has the advantages of diversified design forms, functional modernization, unified manufacturing standards, optimization of time and technology sustainability.
Assembled buildings first entered China in the fifties and sixties of the 20th century. In 1956, the State Council released the Decision on Strengthening and Developing the Construction Industry, marking the first development direction of building industrialization and building a number of assembly-type construction projects in some areas. After the reform and opening up, many cities built a large number of large- However, due to the technical problems of waterproofing, cold bridge and sound insulation of the prefabricated buildings at that time, the technical problems have not been well solved and some quality problems have appeared. In the recent two or three years, with the great attention of leaders at all levels, the prefabricated buildings Showing rapid development.


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